The future is electrical. NOW.

Dualis Advanced Series is the synthesis of experience of more than 20 years of work in the design and construction of thrusters and focuses the state of the art technology on the market today.

Welcome to Seaworker

The Seaworker product range is able to satisfy the needs of any shipyard and shipowner and includes the Stabilis range of stabilization systems, available with hydraulic actuator and, first and unique in the world, with an electrical actuator, and the Dualis dual propeller range of thrusters, also available with hydraulic or electrical transmission.

Smart installation

The electrical motor power absorption is controlled by a Variable Frequency Driver, shielded IP54. Two controls system are available, simple ON/OFF or advanced proportional.

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No weight, just power

Heavy duty motors, designed for top-level industrial applications. Our motors are 30% smaller than standard motors and up to 60% lighter, yet can produce up to 30% more thrust.

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